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Title: Indian Fight in the Floridas

Author(s): Betty Reich (WPA Field Writer)

A skirmish at Bear Springs in the Florida Mountains southeast of Deming, between prospectors and the famous Apache chief, Victorio, and his band.

In 1882 a band of prospectors made camp one night in the Florida Mountains, which are about fifteen miles southeast of Deming. They were camped about a mile and a half from Bear Spring, also in the Floridas. Victorio, the famous Apache chief who h...

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Title: Interview With Mrs. Pauline Myer

Source(s): Pioneer Stories

Author(s): Janet Smith (WPA Field Writer)

Mrs. Pauline Myer’s reminiscences of her life in New Mexico, from her arrival by train and coach in 1875 to her days with her husband running a store in Rio Puerco.

Soon after she was married in 1875, Pauline Myer traveled from her home in San Francisco to join her husband in New Mexico. He had gone on ahead so that he might investigate the country. He wrote her that it was a rough place, and so, she says, she f...

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Title: Jail Escape and Capture of Bandits - Mitch Lee

Author(s): Louis Goforth (Author); Francis E. Totty (WPA Field Writer)

The robbery of the Southern Pacific train in 1883; bandits escape and are killed or captured.

In the spring of 1883 six men held up the Southern Pacific and robbed then escaped from the country surrounding Deming over to near Silver City where they were captured. The jail in Silver City was an old adobe structure that anyone could escape from...

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Title: Letter to Captain Ben C. Cutler, Headquarters, Navajo Expedition, Fort Canby, NM, January 23, 1864

Source(s): Kit Carson’’s Letters

Author(s): Kit (Christopher) Carson (Author); Vernon J. Smithson (WPA Field Writer)

From Navajo Expedition Headquarters, Colonel Carson reports to Captain Ben. C. on the campaign to round up the Navajos at Canyon de Chelly in 1864.

Kit Carson’s Letters Regarding the capture of the Navajos and taking them to the Bosque Redondo Reservation. Headquarters, Navajo Expedition Fort Canby, N.M. January 23, 1864 Captain Ben C. Cutler, A.A. General, Hdqrs. Dept. of New Mexic...

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Title: Letter from Brigider General James H. Carlton to Brigider General Lorenzo Thomas, December 1,1863

Source(s): The Indian Policy

Author(s): James H. Carlton (Author); Richard Fowler (WPA Field Writer)

Brigider General James Carlton writes to Brigider General Lorenzo Thomas putting forth his plan to relocate the Navajos to Fort Sumner.

Dec. 1, 1863 THE INDIAN POLICY Headquarters, Dept. of New Mexico Santa Fe, New Mexico GENERAL: I have the honor to report that I have this week sent 51 Navajo Indians, men, women and children, to Fort Sumner, at the Bosque Redondo on the P...

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Title: Murdering Redskins——Judge and Mrs. McComas Murdered

Author(s): Francis E. Totty (WPA Field Writer)

A newspaper article reports the murder of Judge and Mrs. McComas.

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Title: Pioneer Stories

Author(s): Mrs. E. Pennington, Deming, New Mexico (Author); Betty Reich (WPA Field Writer)

Two grisly stories of settler and Apache conflicts.

Years ago there was a cattle ranch at Silver Springs, about thirty-five or forty miles from Deming, called the Double ’Dobe. They never left less than three cowboys at this ranch because of the danger of Indian raids. One day when there were only t...

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Title: Rough on Rustlers; Silver City and Lordsburg Coach Held-Up; The Rustlers Disgusted With Their Luck

Author(s): Francis E. Totty (WPA Field Writer)

A description of rustlers who held up a stagecoach on the Lordsburg line; rustlers’ etiquette concerning woman passengers.

One Saturday afternoon Marriage’s coach on the Lordsburg line was stopped by three rustlers a short distance the other side of Mt. Home, and sad to relate the coach did not contain a single passenger nor any express packages of any kind. To say the...

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Title: Rustlers——Hanging at Shakespeare

Author(s): Mrs. W.C. Totty (WPA Field Writer)

Rustlers and petty thieves in Shakespeare in 1881.

In the early days the rustlers were organized into a company. Their Captain was V.Z. Boon, and First Lieutenant Bud Stiles. There were about seventy-five members and they ruled this country. The rustlers never worked together. On a small job there...

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Title: The First Train Robbery of the Southern Pacific

Author(s): B.B. Ounby (Author); Mrs. W.C. Totty (WPA Field Writer)

Four white men and a Negro rob the train at Gage and were later captured.

In 1831 when the trains first came through here we had two passenger trains a day, one going East and one going West. The trains' numbers were nineteen and twenty. One day No. 19 came through going East with Frank Webster as engineer. At Gage, fou...

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