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Title: A Murderous Attack

Source(s): A Band of Armed Desperadoes Attack a Chinese Camp, 1882

Author(s): Mrs. Francis Totty (WPA Field Writer)

In as much as the Southwest and Sentinel have both contained exhaustive reports of the recent raid of lawless characters on the Chinamen employed by the Carlisle mining company, it is not necessary for us to enter into details of the affair, but we a...

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Title: Alma

Author(s): N.H. Thorp (WPA Field Writer)

A colorful description of the area around Alma, NM, in the 1880s and 1890s with ranchers, foreign newcomers, US troops, and Navajo scouts.

The town of Alma lies in western Catron County, New Mexico, has a population of seventy-five, and is at an elevation of forty-nine hundred feet. It is twenty-five miles on the San Francisco River south of Reserve, N.M., and between the Mogollon and S...

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Title: Black Jack Musgraves

Author(s): N. Howard Thorp (WPA Field Writer)

The story of Black Jack Musgraves and his gang of outlaws who, in the fall of 1885, were caught and killed.

In the fall of 1885, there rode up to a ranch called the Bar 02, on the San Francisco river in western Socorro County, New Mexico, three tough looking hombres, fully armed, and riding exceptionally fine horses. Dismounting at the ranch-house, they...

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Title: Elfego Baca

Author(s): Unidentified (WPA Field Writer)

Elfego Baca, deputy sheriff of Socorro, holds off an angry mob of towns people on the Plaza of the Frisco, 125 miles from Socorro, until help arrives.

In _____ the rustlers in Texas, no-mans-land, and Indian Territory, _______ __________ became so bold and were stealing and robbing so constantly that the deputy U.S. Marshals in Indian Territory made a concerted effort to clean house. Most of the...

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Title: Charlie McComas Still Alive

Author(s): Francis E. Totty (WPA Field Writer)

Lieutenant Bretton Davis lays out his plan for rescuing Charlie McComas, a 5-year old boy who was taken by Apaches during an attack in which his parents, Judge and Mrs. McComas, were killed.

The chief of the scouts, Mr. Sage, states that two Chiricahua Apaches have arrived from Mexico, and he had a long talk with them. They stated that Charlie McComas still lives, is well and in the care of Chief Bonita. They saw the boy eleven days ago,...

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Title: Cook’s Spring

Author(s): Betty Reich (WPA Field Writer)

The story of Cook’s Spring, a stop along the Butterfield Overland Mail route, where there were skirmishes between settlers and Cochise’s band of Apaches.

In early days Cook’s Spring yielded the only supply of water between the Rio Grande and the Mimbres River. This spring had long been a favorite camping ground of the Indians. Cochise and his Chiricahua warriors came from northern Sonora and Mang...

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Title: Description of Columbus Military Reservation

Author(s): Mrs. J.J. Burr (Author); Mrs. Mildred Jordan (WPA Field Writer)

Description of Pancho Villa’s raid on Columbus, NM, and the aftermath involving dead Villistas in a funeral pyre.

“Villa, Villa,” “Down with the Americans.” With these shouts a revolution-crazed band of several hundred Villistas sneaked across the border onto the little town of Columbus back in March 1916, and by daybreak sixteen Americans and near...

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Title: Geronimo and His Pals

Author(s): George Ganz (Author); Mrs. R.T.F. Simpson (WPA Field Writer)

In an interview George Ganz, a 21-year-old Apache, describes some of the renowned Chiricahua Apache warriors, Geronimo, Natchez, and Chatto.

“George Gauz, an Apache Indian, aged 21, and a splendid specimen of physical manhood, returned to the Mescalero Reservation last week from school at Mount Vernon, Alabama, having completed his education. At Parkers Well, in the Black Mountain gold ...

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Title: Henry Coleman

Author(s): N. Howard Thorp (WPA Field Writer)

Henry Coleman and his gang rustle cattle in Mexico, while a new district attorney in Magdalena tries to stop rustling.

Henry Coleman—which was not his right name—came from Texas where he was born. His family was one of the best in the Lone Star State. One of his brothers was a U.S. Senator, another a very prominent attorney, and a Texas County bears the old fa...

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Title: Holdup of Santa Rita Payroll, Greer Brothers

Author(s): G.I. Goforth; Francis E. Totty (WPA Field Writer)

The story of the Greers’ capture and death in 1911 after they hold up Mr. Sully and Mr. Blair for the mine payroll with one accomplice.

In the late summer or early fall of 1911, about four miles south of Santa Rita, which is 16 miles east of Silver City, the two Greer brothers and a third party held up J.M. Sully and Jim Blair. Mr. Blair and Sully was bringing the mine payroll from D...

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