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Title: Silver City

Author(s): Unidentified (Author)

Silver City was first a Spanish settlement named San Vicente de la Cienega, and later renamed Silver City for a silver vein nearby.

SILVER CITY, 180 m. (5,867 altitude, 3,519 population) is the county seat of Grant County and the oldest incorporated Anglo city in New Mexico. Silver City, originally a small Spanish settlement, was then called “San Vicente de la Cienega” (S...

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Title: Soldier Hill, Grant County

Author(s): Burt Snyder (Author); Frances E. Totty (Oral Historian)

Soldier Hill in Grant County, New Mexico received its name from a skirmish that took place there between soldiers and Apaches led by a sub-chief named Trivoli.

Soldier Hill is located in the northwest part of Grant County, a mile or so from the Catron County line, on Big Creek. An Apache sub-chief Trivoli ambushed an army party lead by Scout McKenney who committed suicide several years ago in Mogollon. ...

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Title: Early Days in Silver City and Grant County

Author(s): Louis S. Goforth (Author); Frances E. Totty (WPA Field Writer)

A settler describes arriving at Mimbres, NM and tracking Apaches who killed Mr. Hayes.

I left Tennessee in 1880 and came to New Mexico in 1881 arriving at Old Town for my first stop in Grant County. Señor Pena was running the store there at the time. I will never forget the fact that he served buttermilk with our meal, and I thought t...

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Title: The Kneeling Nun

Author(s): Mrs. Harry Hickel and Mrs. J.J. Burr; L.E. King; Walter Foote Sellers

A legend about the Kneeling Nun, a rock formation or monument located near Santa Rita, New Mexico. Legend that a monastery was situated at the place where Coronado’s wounded and dying soldiers took refuge. Two odes describing the tragic love affair between a soldier and the nun.

Perhaps no story is so dear to the people of Grant County as the legend of the Kneeling Nun, located near Santa Rita, New Mexico, eighteen miles east of Silver City, in the Santa Rita Mountains. The mountain is nearly perpendicular and towers in the ...

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Title: The W.S. Cemetery

Author(s): H.P. Collier (WPA Field Writer)

An account of those killed in skirmishes with Apaches and outlaws who were buried in a cemetery on the old W.S. Ranch near Alma in Catron County.

Have you ever seen a cemetery where every occupant therein was killed, murdered without being given a chance to defend himself? On a piñon, cedar-covered mesa six miles north of Glenwood, Catron County, New Mexico, on State Highway No. 260 and o...

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Title: Towns in Grant County

Author(s): E.P. Morey (WPA Field Writer)

A list of names of towns in Grant County in 1938.

Apache Bayard Station Brockman Buckhorn Central Cliff Cobre Dwyer Ernest Faywood Fierro Fort Bayard Gila Goforth Place Hachita Hanover Hawkins Hurley Jackinson Lake Valley Leopold Mimbres Mule Creek Pinos Altos Red Rock Red S...

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Title: Pueblo Indian Stories - How the Zuni Got Fresh Meat

Author(s): Fred Santanya (Author); B. W. Kenney (WPA Field Writer)

Fred Santanya, itinerant Laguna kitchen-boy, tells a legend about how his people first got deer meat.

When our people first came to their village place they had no sheep, and they lived on corn and wild seeds and they hunted rabbits and ate rabbit meat and during the winter they caught snowbirds. So during the winter rain dances, or at any time when ...

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Title: On the Frisco River

Author(s): M. Page (Author)

A poem about the Frisco River in western New Mexico, presumably passed down through the oral history tradition.

The snow clung cold to the northern slope; The Frisco coiled like a silver rope; And hot on the scrub and the cactus gray The level rays of the March sun lay. From up the fire of the freighter’s camp, Unquenched by the chill of the valley da...

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Title: Ox Team Freighter Recalls Old Days in Kingston Mine Area

Author(s): Clay W. Vaden (WPA Field Writer)

A 90 year old former freighter in the Kingston Mine area talks about his work in Sierra County.

“Ox teams were not so fast as the trucks used now to haul ore from the mines hereabout,” observes Cebe Goins, pioneer freighter, 90 years young, “but they got the ore out.” Goins drove ten yoke of oxen to freight wagons of seven tons capac...

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Title: Villa Raid

Author(s): Mrs. and Mrs. A.J. Evans, Jesse Fuller and L.L. Burkhead; Betty Reich (WPA Field Writer)

Description of Pancho Villa’s raid on Columbus, NM, March 9, 1916.

When Francisco (Pancho) Villa raided Columbus, New Mexico, March 9, 1916, it was a prosperous little town (3 miles north of the Mexican border in Luna County) that had a wide trade territory. During the raid the Ravel Hotel was burned. This hotel ...

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