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Title: Founding of Silver City

Author(s): James S. Campbell (Author); Mrs. W.C. Totty (WPA Field Writer)

Prospectors found Silver City.

James S. Campbell was in the party which first discovered silver at Chloride Flat and laid out the town of Silver City in 1868. In this party were the two Bullard brothers, John and James. Mr. Campbell came here from Colorado with them. There were...

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Title: Grant County in 1849

Author(s): Mr. H. Whitehall (Author); Mrs. Frances Totty (WPA Field Writer)

An account of a caravan of settlers traveling through New Mexico as told by Mr. H. Whitehall, first sheriff of Grant County.

I first passed through this country with my father, Uncle Bod, and John Shackleford, who afterwards died on Duck Creek in the summer of ’49. The caravan was mostly southerners. We outfitted in Weston, Mo., and came up the Platte and to Denver, a...

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Title: Grant County Cattle War

Author(s): John Oglesby (Author); Mrs. W.C. Totty (WPA Field Writer)

John Oglesby tells stories of the early violent days in Grant County among settlers, ranchers, and rustlers.

John Oglesby of Pinos Altos settled back to tell a long story, one of bloodshed and a fight of every fellow for his rights. Talking of Grant County, we used to see some rather exciting and thrilling times here. The poker tables were piled high wit...

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Title: Harping on Catron

Author(s): Unidentified (WPA Field Writer)

The New York Sun is running a daily box called “Today’s Boondoggle” sent by its Washington bureau, and the correspondent, digging into the records, seems to have been spending several days investigating road projects in remote Catron County, Ne...

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Title: Joe Griggs, Amateur Naturalist

Author(s): Joe Griggs (Author); Mrs. W. C. Totty (WPA Field Writer)

Joe Griggs tells tales of his isolated home and the attempts of the surrounding wildlife to eat his chickens.

To the northward of the city, and to the northward of all cemeteries, cities of the dead, far out among the northern hills all alone in his cabin lives Joe Griggs, familiarly known as “Wild East Joe.” Joe has led a hermit life in the wild spot...

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Title: Letter to Mollie

Author(s): Mrs. Zona Collins Liggett (Author); Betty Reich (WPA Field Writer)

Letter from L.W. Collins, a contractor building the Santa Fe Railroad, to his wife Mrs. M.E. Collins, Deming, New Mexico.

Lake Valley January 12, 1934 Mollie: This nite finds me in a rail rode camp four miles from Lake I have all my teems and wages are low I pay drivers 25 dollars per month and pay $4.50 per week board so I am clearing only about ten dollars per ...

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Title: Origin of Pie Town

Author(s): Clay W. Vaden (WPA Field Writer)

A description of how Pie Town got its name.

The rustic little friendly village of Pie Town, on U.S. Highway 60, 22 miles east of Quemado, has quite an interesting bit of history concerning how it got its distinctive, original, and outstanding name. Clyde Norman, an ex-service man, came to C...

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Title: Plains of San Augustine

Author(s): Clay W. Vaden (WPA Field Writer)

Description of a theory that the Plains of San Augustine in Catron County may have once been underwater.

The Historic Plains of San Augustine, an arid, treeless plain between the Montozo ranch west of Magdalena almost to Aragon in Catron County, are from 10 to 20 miles wide and 50 or 60 miles long. In early days it used to take from two to three days wi...

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Title: Profitable Piñon Picking Near Pie Town

Author(s): Clay W. Vaden (WPA Field Writer)

The piñon industry in New Mexico, locally picked by Navajos, bought by wholesale merchants, and shipped to New York.

Few people realize that the piñon industry in the Pie Town district in Catron County this season compares favorably with the income from stock raising, but the following facts speak for themselves. Good crops of piñons usually occur from every t...

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Title: San Francisco Plaza

Author(s): W.J. Jones, Emil Kiehne, Charley McCarty, P.A. Romero and Wife; H.P. Collier (WPA Field Writer)

Description of settlers at San Francisco Plaza located five miles south of Reserve, Catron County, New Mexico in 1874.

San Francisco Plaza is built on the west side of the San Francisco River, five miles below Reserve, the County seat of Catron County. The valley here is about a half-mile wide but very fertile, producing in abundance anything which can be grown at th...

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