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Title: Navajo Secrets Lost as Greatest Medicine Man Dies

Author(s): Unidentified (Author); Associated Press

Navajo shaman Hosteen Klah dies at 70; with him go many secrets of Navajo spiritual ceremony.

REHOBOTH MISSION, N.M., March 3, 1937. (AP)—The spirit of the greatest of Navajo medicine men winged a weary journey around the world today, and with it flew many a precious secret of the tribe’s religious life. Four times, says Navajo religio...

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Title: Navajos Objecting to Stock Reduction Plan

Source(s): Associated Press, Window Rock, NM

Author(s): Unidentified (Author)

Newspaper article describing the Navajo nation’s objections to the US government’s stock reduction plan for the reservation in 1935.

Window Rock, Ariz., April 27, 1938. (AP)—Navajo service officials defending the reservation stock reduction program, held out a welcome today to a group of Indians proposing to march on the central agency here in protest to the plan. Referring t...

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Title: The Navajo Problem

Author(s): E.R. Fryer, Superintendent of the Navajo Reservation, Window Rock, Ariz. (Author)

The Superintendent of the Navajo reservation discusses the problem of Navajo lands degraded by overgrazing.

The predicament of the Great Navajo tribe is unequaled among American Indians. Here is the fastest growing autonomous group in the Nation. In 1868 they numbered less than 12,000; they herded only 40,000 sheep and goats. On the reservation today dwell...

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Title: The Murder of Judge and Mrs. McComas

Author(s): Nora Ounby (Author); Mrs. W. C. Totty (WPA Field Writer)

In 1883 Judge and Mrs. McComas were killed by Indians while traveling between Lordsburg and Silver City; their four-year old son Charlie was never found but there were later stories of a white man among raiding Indians.

In 1883, James Porter Ounby ran a hotel in Lordsburg, where David McComas, son of Judge McComas, lived while he worked at a nearby mine called the Pyramid. One morning he came in from work at the mine and told Nora Ounby that he had received a let...

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Title: The ‘Mexican War’ at Reserve

Author(s): H.P. Collier (WPA Field Writer)

A description of an 1884 gunfight between cowboys and townspeople near Reserve, New Mexico featuring the famous Hispanic deputy sheriff, Elfego Baca.

It happened in the spring of 1884—election year, too. Had it not been spring and election year, no doubt this story would never have been written. Don Pedro Simpson was sheriff of Socorro County and was up for reelection. Many new people had co...

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Title: Cooney Canyon

Author(s): Unidentified (WPA Field Writer)

A skirmish between Apaches and US soldiers led by Sargeant James C. Clooney, who was later killed by Victorio's band.

Cooney Canyon received its name in memory of James C. Cooney who was killed in a battle with Victorio’s Apache Indians who attacked the little settlement of Alma on April 28, 1880. Cooney had been to Alma to warn the settlers that the Indians were ...

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Title: Early Days Around Silver City

Author(s): Mrs. Tom Johnson (Author); Mrs. W. C. Totty (WPA Field Writer)

A ranching woman’s story of a visit from an Apache man and running up a canyon believing she was being chased.

We used to get quite a few scares in the early days. One morning while I was living on the Washburn Ranch, Fido, a small dog of mine, kept growling and bristling up his hair. “Fido, what’s the trouble?” I asked. Fido looked at me as if to...

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Title: Early Days in Grant County

Author(s): Robert Golden (Author); Frances E. Totty (WPA Field Writer)

A description Faywood Hot Springs and Cienega (Silver City) during the early days of conflict between Apaches and settlers.

We left Juarez, Mexico, in 1870 and came to Grant County in a wagon train. Our first stop in the county was at Hudson Hot Springs, the present Faywood Hot Springs. In the early days, people had to make for known water holes, as water was scarce in th...

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Title: Early Days in Grant County

Author(s): Charlie Nickolie, born 1879 (Author); Frances E. Totty (WPA Field Writer)

The story of Apache raids in Grant County and the fate of Jimmy McKinn who was taken by Apache.

My people came to Grant County from Old Mesilla in 1877. They settled on the Membres River, then later moved to Bear Canyon, the present site of Bear Canyon Dam. We were living in this place when Geronimo made his raids in the country surrounding ...

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Title: Early Days in the Southwest

Author(s): Otho Allen (Author); Frances E. Totty (WPA Field Writer)

A man remembers his parents and early days settling in Grant County.

My father, J.W. Allen, and mother came to Deming in 1882, the year before I was born. In 1884 my father moved to Whitewater, where two regiments of soldiers were stationed. He didn’t have a job or any money and killed antelopes for the soldiers....

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