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Title: Turtle’s Crying Song

Source(s): Hopi Voices: Recollections, Traditions, and Narratives of the Hopi Indians

Author(s): Uwaikwiota, Moencopi, August 1968 (Author); Harold Courlander (Editor)

Aliksai! The coyote was hunting around to see what she could kill for her little ones. And she heard somebody singing someplace. So she tried to look for him, and she found a little turtle. She came up to the little turtle and said, “You’re si...

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Title: One-Eyed Sky

Source(s): Xavier’s Folly and Other Stories

Author(s): Max Evans (Author)

Story of an old cow protecting her newborn calf from a mother coyote and her cubs.

The cow lifted her muzzle from the muddy water of the tank. She must go now. Her time was at hand. She could feel the pressure of the unborn between her bony hips. With the springless clicking tread of an old, old cow she moved out towards the rollin...

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