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1Navajo Enlistees, ca. 19422Thomas H. Begay. Tsi’ najinii and Ashiihi Clans; 5th Marine Division; Hawai’i; Enewetak Atoll; Guam; Tinian; Saipan; Iwo Jima3Samuel Tom Holiday. Todich’ ii’ nii Clan; 4th Marine Division; Saipan; Iwo Jima; Marshall Islands; Tinian
4Navajo Marine Code Talkers5George H. Kirk, Senior6Wilmer Belinda
7John V. Goodluck and his Wife8George Edward Yoe and his Grandson9Howard Hosteen Nez, Senior
10Mrs. Harry Belone Senior with the Service Photograph of Her Husband11William Kien12Eugene R. Crawford
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