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Title: I’ve Done My Bit on the Border

Source(s): Chapter Four: Revenge and Reprisal; Border Fury: A Picture Postcard Record of Mexico’s Revolution and U.S. War Preparedness, 1910-1917

Author(s): James J. Verhoeks (Author); Paul J. Vanderwood (Author); Frank N. Samponaro (Author)

A poem by a bugler in the 32nd Michigan Infantry, which served on the US-Mexico border in 1916.

I’ve done my bit on the border I wish I was in God’s country again I’ve had my fill of the border Of Greasers and border men I’ve eaten the dirt of Texas I’ve drank of the Rio Grande I’ve grubbed mesquite in the cursed heat (The Lo...

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Title: Los Betabeleros (The Beet-field Workers)

Source(s): Alambrista and the U.S.-Mexico Border: Film, Music, and Stories of Undocumented Workers; Mexican Immigration to the United States

Author(s): Unidentified (Author); Nicholas J. Cull (Editor); David Carrasco (Editor)

A Mexican ballad, or corrido, describing the fate of the people who went to work in the beet fields.

In the year 1923 Of the present era The beet-field workers went To that Michigan weeping, Because all the bosses Began to scold, And Don Santiago says to them: “I want to return Because they haven’t done for us What they said they would....

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