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Title: Settling Rapidly

Author(s): Unknown (Author)

Roosevelt County is growing fast and the Belen Cutoff is rapidly being completed.

The Santa Fe New Mexican, December 5, 1905 SETTLING RAPIDLY Roosevelt County Attractive to Many New Settlers—Fifty Miles of Cut-off Built. Roosevelt County is evidently one of the most rapidly growing sections of the Sunshine Territory an...

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Title: Itinerary of the Expedition, 1596-98

Source(s): Don Juan de Oñate; Colonizer of New Mexico; 1595-1628; Coronado Cuarto Centennial Publications, 1540-1940; Volume V

Author(s): Unknown (Author); George P. Hammond (Editor); Agapito Rey (Editor)

Juan de Oñate’s itinerary of the expedition, 1596-98.

June, 1598 At this time, the cart train was in trouble, both on account of dissension among those in charge, and of lack of water, and the governor had to return to them. He smoothed everything by his tact, and came back to this place on June 12 a...

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Title: Get Cut-off Contracts

Author(s): Unknown (Author)

Construction contracts are awarded and work is about to re-start on the Belen Cutoff.

The Santa Fe New Mexican, May 25, 1905 GET CUT-OFF CONTRACTS Orman & Crook, of Pueblo, and the Lantry & Sons’ Company, of Strong City, Kansas to Do the Work. Denver dispatches say that Orman & Crook, the well known railroad contractors of ...

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Title: Letter to Captain Ben C. Cutler, Headquarters, Navajo Expedition, Fort Canby, NM, January 23, 1864

Source(s): Kit Carson’’s Letters

Author(s): Kit (Christopher) Carson (Author); Vernon J. Smithson (WPA Field Writer)

From Navajo Expedition Headquarters, Colonel Carson reports to Captain Ben. C. on the campaign to round up the Navajos at Canyon de Chelly in 1864.

Kit Carson’s Letters Regarding the capture of the Navajos and taking them to the Bosque Redondo Reservation. Headquarters, Navajo Expedition Fort Canby, N.M. January 23, 1864 Captain Ben C. Cutler, A.A. General, Hdqrs. Dept. of New Mexic...

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Title: Revised Memorial of 1634

Author(s): Alonso Benavides (Author)

A description of Acoma by a prominent Spanish priest.

To the west of the Rio del Norte, at a distance of thirty leagues, lies the Peñon of Acoma, very famous for the many lives that it has cost both the Spaniards and the Indians. This was not only because it was impregnable but also because of the cour...

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Title: Alvarado’s Route

Source(s): Narratives of the Coronado Expedition 1540-1542

Author(s): Don Hernando Alvarado (Author); George P. Hammond (Editor); Agapito Rey (Editor)

An account of Don Hernando Alvarado’s travels among the Pueblos in 1540.

“We came to an old edifice resembling a fortress; a league farther on we found another one, and a little farther on still another. Beyond these we came to an ancient city, quite large but all in ruins, although a considerable portion of the wall, w...

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