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Title: Warriors: Navajo Code Talkers

Author(s): Kenji Kawano (Author); Thomas H. Begay (Author); Samuel Tom Holiday (Author)

A Navajo Code Talker remembers fighting with the Marines in the South Pacific during World War II.

Thomas H. Begay, Tsi’ najinii and Ashiihi Clans, was a member of the 5th Marine Division and saw combat on Hawai`i, Enewetak Atoll, Guam, Tinian, Saipan, and Iwo Jima. We were disciplined....I learned to survive combat. The first hour, I was wit...

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Title: Dad Had Charge of the Commissary There

Author(s): Tom Seery (Author); Randy Dunson (Oral Historian); William Penner (Editor)

Tom Seery talks about growing in Abo Canyon during the construction of the railroad.

We had a wood floor. I remember Dad had charge of the commissary and there was quite a camp. When I was a kid, they’d come in at night, feed the horses and get them ready, and then they’d eat and they’d go to bed. And they’d get up the next m...

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Title: Early Days Around Silver City

Author(s): Mrs. Tom Johnson (Author); Mrs. W. C. Totty (WPA Field Writer)

A ranching woman’s story of a visit from an Apache man and running up a canyon believing she was being chased.

We used to get quite a few scares in the early days. One morning while I was living on the Washburn Ranch, Fido, a small dog of mine, kept growling and bristling up his hair. “Fido, what’s the trouble?” I asked. Fido looked at me as if to...

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Title: Grant County Cattle War

Author(s): John Oglesby (Author); Mrs. W.C. Totty (WPA Field Writer)

John Oglesby tells stories of the early violent days in Grant County among settlers, ranchers, and rustlers.

John Oglesby of Pinos Altos settled back to tell a long story, one of bloodshed and a fight of every fellow for his rights. Talking of Grant County, we used to see some rather exciting and thrilling times here. The poker tables were piled high wit...

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Title: The Taking of San Joaquin, October 1966

Source(s): They Called Me “King Tiger”: My Struggle for the Land and Our Rights

Author(s): Reies López Tijerina (Author); José Gutiérrez (Translator)

In the 1960s, Reies Lopez Tijerina organized northern New Mexico villagers as descendants of original land grantees in a series of protests and demonstrations to recover their rights to the land.

That the government would question the right of the people to their land was a cruel and unjust violation of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. I now sought to open a new door to the halls of justice. When Ed Stanton fought for the grant in Socorro, he...

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Title: February 7

Source(s): They Called Me “King Tiger”: My Struggle for the Land and Our Rights

Author(s): Reies López Tijerina (Author); José Gutiérrez (Translator)

In the 1960s, Reies López Tijerina organized the northern New Mexico descendants of original land grantees to recover their rights to the land.

February 7 Hoping to finalize the resolution, I made my seventh trip to Santa Fe today. I brought warriors from throughout the state: Tierra Amarilla, Canjilon, Coyote, Española, Taos, Las Vegas, Tecolote, Chilili, Santa Rosa, Bernalillo, Cuba de...

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Title: The ‘Mexican War’ at Reserve

Author(s): H.P. Collier (WPA Field Writer)

A description of an 1884 gunfight between cowboys and townspeople near Reserve, New Mexico featuring the famous Hispanic deputy sheriff, Elfego Baca.

It happened in the spring of 1884—election year, too. Had it not been spring and election year, no doubt this story would never have been written. Don Pedro Simpson was sheriff of Socorro County and was up for reelection. Many new people had co...

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