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Title: Women Who Joined Don Juan de Onate’s New Mexican Settlement; The Gordejuela Inspection, 1600

Source(s): Don Juan de Oñate; Colonizer of New Mexico; 1595-1628; Coronado Cuarto Centennial Publications, 1540-1940; Volume V

Author(s): Count of Monterrey (Author); George P. Hammond (Editor); Agapito Rey (Editor)

A partial list of women who joined Don Juan de Oñate’s settlement in Nuevo Mexico.

List of Married Women After the aforesaid, in this valley of San Bartolomé, on August 30, the commissaries, accompanied by me, the notary, went to inspect the camp and examine the forces about to leave for New Mexico. They ordered Captain Bernab...

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Title: How the World Began

Source(s): When Jesus Came, the Corn Mothers Went Away

Author(s): Ramon A. Gutíerrez (Author)

A noted scholar tells the story of how the world began according to the people of Acoma.

In the beginning two females were born underneath the earth at a place called Shipapu. In total darkness Tsichtinako (Thought Woman) nursed the sisters, taught them language and gave them each a basket that their father Uchtsiti had sent them contain...

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