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Title: The Old Spanish Trail

Author(s): Southwest Crossroads Spotlight

A brief history of the Old Spanish Trail that traders traveled on between California and New Mexico.

Less well known today than the Old Santa Fe Trail, the Old Spanish Trail was a dynamic feature of the early days in the Spanish American Southwest. Long before the explorers and missionaries from Spain worked their way up from Old Mexico into Alta Ca...

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Title: Expedition to the North, 1601

Source(s): Don Juan de Oñate; Colonizer of New Mexico; 1595-1628; Coronado Cuarto Centennial Publications, 1540-1940; Volume VI

Author(s): Don Juan de Oñate (Author); George P. Hammond (Editor); Agapito Rey (Editor)

Juan de Oñate’s report and descriptions of his expedition to New Mexico in 1601.

Faithful and True Report of the Events that took Place on the Entrada Made by the Adelantado and Governor Don Juan de Oñate in the Name of His Majesty, from These First Settlements of New Mexico Toward the North in this Year of 1601 WITH the spec...

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Title: Crossings

Source(s): Canícula

Author(s): Norma Elia Cantú (Author)

Author Norma Elia Cantú and her family have crossed the US-Mexico border many times to visit their relatives.

Bueli and Mami and Papi crossed the bridge on foot from one Laredo to the other; they took turns carrying me, or maybe only pushing my blue stroller. Chirinola, our dog, came too, papers and all. It was 1948. For Bueli the move brought back memories,...

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Title: You Fed Them And You Fed Them Well

Author(s): Martina Brazil Franklin (Author); Shawn Kelley (Oral Historian); William Penner (Editor)

Martina Brazil Franklin remembers her father, a prominent local sheepman, and growing up in the village of Scholle, New Mexico.

My father Joe Brazil came to this country from the Azore Islands when he was 16. His father had preceded him and gone to California. My father came with a sister, Maria, and two brothers and they went on to California and lived there for a long time....

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