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Title: Women Who Joined Don Juan de Onate’s New Mexican Settlement; The Gordejuela Inspection, 1600

Source(s): Don Juan de Oñate; Colonizer of New Mexico; 1595-1628; Coronado Cuarto Centennial Publications, 1540-1940; Volume V

Author(s): Count of Monterrey (Author); George P. Hammond (Editor); Agapito Rey (Editor)

A partial list of women who joined Don Juan de Oñate’s settlement in Nuevo Mexico.

List of Married Women After the aforesaid, in this valley of San Bartolomé, on August 30, the commissaries, accompanied by me, the notary, went to inspect the camp and examine the forces about to leave for New Mexico. They ordered Captain Bernab...

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Title: A Mexican War

Author(s): Captain William French (Author); Recollections of a Western Ranchman

Recollections of ranching in southwestern New Mexico, near the town of Alma, 1883-1899.

After Thanksgiving we settled down to our usual routine. Things were going along smoothly when one afternoon we were startled by a messenger from our friends at the SU (ranch). This man brought word that there was trouble between the Mexicans and the...

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Title: The Apache Diaries: A Father-Son Journey (excerpts)

Author(s): Grenville Goodwin (Author); Neil Goodwin (Author)

Neil Goodwin retraces the steps of his father, anthropologist Grenville Goodwin, who tried to find Chiricahua Apache groups living in the Sierra Madre of Mexico.

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Title: The Killing of the Gomas Family

Author(s): Bill Rawlee (Author)

Bill Rawlee tells about two Apache raids, one involving the Gomas family and the other the McKinn family, in which many were killed.

When I was a youngster I was riding with Mr. Weldey out in the present Gomas Peak district when he saw the Indians coming. We hid up behind several boulders and counted thirty-five Indians besides there were several squaws along that he didn’t coun...

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Title: A Conference with General Crook

Source(s): The Truth About Geronimo

Author(s): Britton Davis (Author)

The transcript of a conference between US Army General Crook and Apache leader Geronimo in 1886.

CONFERENCE held March 25 and 27, 1886, at Cañon De Los Embudos (Cañon of the Funnels), 20 Miles SSE of San Bernardino Springs, Mexico, Between General Crook and the Hostile Chiricahua Chiefs. First Day. PRESENT: Geronimo, Catle, Chihuahua, Na...

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Title: Expedition to the North, 1601

Source(s): Don Juan de Oñate; Colonizer of New Mexico; 1595-1628; Coronado Cuarto Centennial Publications, 1540-1940; Volume VI

Author(s): Don Juan de Oñate (Author); George P. Hammond (Editor); Agapito Rey (Editor)

Juan de Oñate’s report and descriptions of his expedition to New Mexico in 1601.

Faithful and True Report of the Events that took Place on the Entrada Made by the Adelantado and Governor Don Juan de Oñate in the Name of His Majesty, from These First Settlements of New Mexico Toward the North in this Year of 1601 WITH the spec...

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Title: Maasaw niqw Orayvit Naatsawinaya (How Maasaw and the People of Oraibi Got Scared to Death Once)

Source(s): Hopitutuwutsi Hopi Tales: A Bilingual Collection of Hopi Indian Stories

Author(s): Herschel Talashoma (Author); Ekkehart Malotki (Author)

Aliksa’i. People were living in Oraibi. Not far from the village, at Mastupatsa, was Maasaw’s home, where he lived with his grandmother. Every night when the villagers went to bed, he inspected the area around Oraibi. In this way he guarded the O...

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