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“Ancestral Boundaries”

by Bert Puhueyestewa

Mishongnovi Pueblo, Hopi, Arizona, ca. 1895“Mishongnovi Pueblo, Hopi, Arizona, ca. 1895,” Ben Wittick (Photographer)

There are eight major Hopi shrines that mark the extent of our traditional Hopi country. One is at Tokonave, Black Mountain (the whites call it Navajo Mountain) in the north. Another is on the Supai Trail west of Grand Canyon Village. One is at Kawestima, those ruins north of Kayenta. Another one is near Williams (Arizona). It is called Tesaktumo, meaning Grass Hill. Another is on the San Francisco Peaks. Another shrine is on Woodruff Mountain south of Holbrook. Another is at a place called Namite near Lupton. Another is on the Apache Trail on the Mogollon Rim. I have been to all of these shrines except one. They mark the lands we Hopis have always claimed as ours. All the land between the shrines belonged to us.