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Thank Yous

A “We the People” grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities made the creation of Southwest Crossroads possible. The NEH is not responsible for its content.

In addition, SAR Press and Project Crossroads would like to acknowledge the following organizations and individuals for their generous support of and gifts in kind to Southwest Crossroads. Their contribution to our effort to bring this material to students and teachers in New Mexico and elsewhere is deeply appreciated.

Consulting teachers—

Bob Ertmer; Kathy Higgins; Judy James; Adam Johnson; Holly Schauer-Johnson; John Maestas; Nita Stephenson

...With an extra thanks to Kathy Higgins, Judy James, and Nita Stephenson for letting us visit their classrooms.


Indian Arts Research Center, School for Advanced Research; Kenneth M. Chapman Collection, Catherine McElvain Library, School for Advanced Research; New Mexico State Records Center & Archives; David Grant Noble, Author and Photographer; Estevan Rael-Gálvez, New Mexico State Historian; The Smithsonian Institution; University of New Mexico Press


American Folklore Society; Brigham Young University Press; Cinco Puntos Press; High-Lonesome Books; Museum of New Mexico Press; Sallie Wagner Collection; Southern Methodist University Press; Southwest Museum of the American Indian; Sunstone Press; University of Arizona Press; University of Nebraska Press; University of Oklahoma Press


Benjamin Alire Sáenz; James F. Brooks; Jane Candia Coleman; Kenji Kawano; Jonathan A. Lewis; María L. Leyba; Jason S. Ordaz; Isabelle Medina Sandoval; N. Scott Momaday; Marc Simmons; Barton Wright

Header Image Credits (left to right):
Ancestral Pueblo Black-on-White Bowl, 750-850 or 800-875 CE, Courtesy of Museum of Indian Arts & Culture/Laboratory of Anthropology, MNM08224-11; View of La Tetilla Peak from Los Aguajes Pueblo (LA5) on the La Bajada Mesa. Photograph courtesy Jason S. Ordaz.

Software: All programming and design created by Southwest Crossroads at SAR except the following: Interface Elements’ Image Box; jQuery’s JavaScript library; Techpatterns’ Browser & OS Detection. Additional thanks to Masuji SUTO for creating “StereoPhoto Maker.” It’s the program we use to generate the 3-D anaglyphs from stereoscopic pairs.

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