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Here is a listing of frequently asked questions.

Question: How does Search work?

Answer: Any documents and images containing words you enter in the Search box will be presented to you in a results list, with the most relevant items containing the most occurrences of the words listed first.

If, for example, you enter Pueblo pottery in the Search box, the list will include all documents with either Pueblo or pottery, and those with many occurrences of either or both words will be presented first, especially if they occur in the title or keywords of the document.

Placing quotes around the words you enter in the Search box will find only those documents with the quoted phrase. For example, entering “Pueblo pottery” will return only documents in which those two words occur together. It won’t include documents in which Pueblo and pottery occur only separately.

Note that when you use Search, the items are returned to you in separate Documents and Images lists. In the documents presented to you in the results list, the words you searched for are highlighted in light blue. You can turn off the highlighting using the X button.

Question: What are keywords, and can I search only the keywords?

Answer: For every item in Southwest Crossroads, our team has selected a set of terms that best capture the contents of the document or image. These keywords help to prioritize items returned to you when you use the Search function. The Keywords tab available with each page can be used to find similar documents and images—simply click on the keyword of interest to you.

Using the Search box, you can also sort through the contents of Southwest Crossroads using only keywords. This is done by typing keyword: before your search term. For example, entering keyword:1900s will return only those documents and images for which “1900s” was selected by our team as a keyword for that item. You can be sure that the list of returned items are at least partially about events during the 20th century!

Question: How do I view 3-D imagery in 3-D!?

Answer: Many of the pages on Southwest Crossroads feature 3-D images, some of which are historic stereoviews and others that have been taken by the excellent stereoscopy photographers on our team. Being able to see these in three dimensions requires red/cyan glasses, also called anaglyph glasses. You can also request a pair of 3-D glasses from us, available while supplies last.